A Quantitative Analysis of Managed Futures Strategies

This paper revisits Dr. John Lintner’s classic 1983 paper, “The Potential Role of Managed Commodity-Financial Futures Accounts (and/or Funds) in Portfolios of Stocks and Bonds,” which explored the substantial diversification benefits that accrue when managed futures are added to institutional portfolios.

The Michael Covel Show

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The Meb Faber Show

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Press Play Series

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Why Managed Futures?

Why Managed Futures? Created as a tool for Advisors, this client friendly presentation provides a succinct overview of the asset class and examines the impact managed futures can have throughout several market environments.

Ask Ajay

Equinox Funds CIO, Dr. Ajay Dravid discusses the differences between CTAs and Hedge Funds, separating "luck" from "skill," how to work with conservative clients, and more in this two-part series.