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Greatest Trading of All Time

In the early 80s, the Turtles taught us that anyone can do it. If you take fundamental principles and trade them in a rigidly mechanical fashion (many Turtle-like traders are completely automated, in fact), you can be successful. So, after reading every book I could find on the Turtles and listening to tons of podcasts on Turtle traders (or those who follow their methods), I recently had one of their original strategies programmed and then did a boatload of testing.

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Press Play Series

Many investment related topics, especially within the context of managed futures, can be overwhelming. Fully recognizing this, we’ve created “Press Play,” a mini-series dedicated to explaining complicated topics in an engaging, succinct, and simplified manner.

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Why Are So Many Investment Decisions Based on Biased and Contrived Stories?

If gleaning cause and effect in financial markets is so difficult, why do we spend most of our time talking about it? 

Managed Futures Today

This article explains how asset allocators and advisors could better evaluate managed futures strategies, how to include managed futures in a traditional portfolio, and how best to manage client expectations to avoid selling at the wrong time.

CTAs on track for record year after July gains

Industry returns strongest at this point in the year since 2012

Momentum Investing: It Works, But Why?

After a quarter century of sprawling study, it’s time to narrow the focus and settle on an explanation

The Case for Alternatives in Retirement Portfolios

Advisors should use all asset classes—not just stocks and bonds—to help clients achieve retirement savings goals through bad times and good.

After the Bull Run?

Research shows that two-thirds of institutional investors believe the bull market in stocks will reach its end this year. Further, they expect the next financial crisis to come in one to five years, according to a Natixis survey.

Trend-Following as Insurance?

The key is looking beyond broad category averages to focus on portfolio managers and the investment process

Skin in the Game, featuring Jerry Parker

Jerry Parker was given the opportunity to manage a million-dollar account with specific rules to follow. Rules that he would learn to love and perfect. Becoming the most successful turtle trader of all time.

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