Why Investors Keep Coming Back to Hedge Funds

Institutional investors continue to view hedge funds as a source of alpha and diversification, according to a JPMorgan survey.

After Hedge Funds’ Mediocre Year, Investors Still Want More

Downturn fears are fueling interest, Preqin data show.

TV Ads in Financial Services: What Works, What Doesn’t

Finance marketing pros tell ThinkAdvisor what they think of recent ads from Wells Fargo, Schwab, Fisher and others.

CTAs: Superior Performance or Diversification Only?

Adding commodity trading advisers (CTAs) to a portfolio leads to improved risk-adjusted returns. In addition, CTAs perform well during negative market backdrops and thus serve as a tail risk hedge. CTAs do not provide superior risk-adjusted returns on a standalone basis, however.

Add Alts to Target Date Funds? Policy Report Says Yes

Adding alternative investments to target-date funds within defined contribution plans can improve returns for participants while not making their lives any more complicated.

The Evolution of Target Date Funds: Using Alternatives to Improve Retirement Plan Outcomes

If alternative assets can make such an important difference in retirement income outcomes and are regularly used in other investment programs, such as DB plans, why are they not often seen in TDFs today?

Efficient Flows

This paper deals with another crucial concept in the hedge fund industry: liquidity. Liquidity is crucial for every investor to understand. In a time of ever-increasing disruption, investors need to know when they can access their capital, and under what conditions.

The Psychology of Trading Without the Ego

A surprising amount of poor trading comes from trading our egos, not from actually trading markets.