60/40, Landlines, and 8-Tracks

In our view, the 60/40 problem boils down to an underestimation of future risks for both bonds and stocks.

Lessons from the Most Successful Turtle of All-Time, Jerry Parker

Jerry Parker was given the opportunity to manage a million-dollar account with specific rules to follow. Rules that he would learn to love and perfect. Becoming the most successful turtle trader of all time.

Why Investors Keep Coming Back to Hedge Funds

Institutional investors continue to view hedge funds as a source of alpha and diversification, according to a JPMorgan survey.

After Hedge Funds’ Mediocre Year, Investors Still Want More

Downturn fears are fueling interest, Preqin data show.

Managed Futures During Equity “Crises”–An Update

The Managed Futures asset class has acquired a reputation among investors for providing what is known as "crisis alpha" – the ability to generate returns at a time of market crisis.

When Does Trend Following “Kick In”?

October 2018 was a very difficult month, and managed futures* investors were severely disappointed as many trend-followers lost money along with equities.

Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction: Redefined

Find asset classes that are uncorrelated to the stock market to hold while the war wages, and keep a bit of cash on the sideline to pounce on equities (both Chinese and U.S.) after the dust finally settles.

TV Ads in Financial Services: What Works, What Doesn’t

Finance marketing pros tell ThinkAdvisor what they think of recent ads from Wells Fargo, Schwab, Fisher and others.