Visualizing the Longest Bull Markets of the Modern Era

There have been 11 bull runs since World War II. Visual Capitalist and author Jeff Desjardins take a look at six in detail, including the current upswing which will likely become the longest in recent history.

Napkin Finance

22 sketches make complicated financial concepts simple enough to fit on a napkin.
Sketches illustrate topics like insurance, stocks, debt, student loans, crowdfunding, estate planning, and even bitcoin.

Blockchain and the Middleman

Transactions have always involved middlemen. They establish trust—but also bring extra cost, complexity, and potential for error. Blockchain provides a secure, fast, transparent, and error-free digital record of the history of transactions, and so has the potential to replace many intermediaries. Will it?

Talking Technicals with Jerry Parker

Jerry Parker, CEO and Founder of Chesapeake Capital joins Ben Lichtenstein on Futures (TD Ameritrade NETWORK). Looking at technicals for a trading edge “What are the markets telling me, what is the reality versus my opinions?”

CTA / Managed Futures – a buying opportunity?

“While some investors might look at the current drawdown and worry about the risks, others will see this as a clear buying opportunity.”

Trend-Following for the Masses

For natural reasons, many novice investors and advisors try to harness the power of trend following to trade their favorite equity index. But this misses the point. By trend-trading a single index investors are extremely vulnerable to the probability of choosing an equity market with low forward returns, unproductive trends, or both

Nisa Customized Solutions

NISA believes that fixed income markets offer opportunities to capitalize on moderate inefficiencies for predictable gains.

What’s behind the big commodities rally, and why it could be just getting started

Threats of a trade war and continued signs of global growth are combining to create myriad opportunities for investors in one long-dormant asset class: commodities.

Why is Portable Alpha Coming Back? Because It’s Working.

Sophisticated institutions are rocking portable alpha strategies like they never went out of style.